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Organic market garden

What does it mean?

Organic farming means vegetable and/or livestock production

using natural sources of nutrients (such as compost,

crop residues and manure) and natural methods of pest and

weed control instead of using synthetic or inorganic

agrochemicals. In organic farming we try to find a natural

balance between production and our natural environment.






                                                           Why organic farming?

                                                           In conventional agriculture the use of synthetic and inorganic agro

                                                           chemicals is high. This leaves residues in the vegetables we eat,

                                                           threatening our health in the long run. Besides our health, the fabrication

                                                           and use of agro- chemicals pollute our natural environment.

                                                           Organic product are healt hier and do not damage the environment.



Organic farming methods

Off course an organic market garden needs certain inputs in order to produce.

For the maintenance of the soil fertility I use compost, made from the

residues of the garden, manure from chickens, sheep or horses.

To strengthen the crops and increase the resistance against pests I use

concentrates of algae that are applied foliar.

To protect the crops against harmful insect, there are many natural

crop protection methods, for example, crop rotation and companion cropping,

but also infusions from garlic and hot peppers keep away most insects.

Common vinegar helps to prevent fungus and bacteria.





Organic vegetables, fresh herbs and eggs can be ordered as well and delivered at your door step.

Deliver area: Alcuéscar, Montánchez, Almoharin, Miajadas. On request other villages in the area.

Send a message to order @

And you will receive a weekly offer of vegetables, herbs and farm eggs









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